23 January 2009

special order

Everyday when I go to the subway I see this sign. Only in NY would this be a selling point at a bookstore.


with my by myself

This may be old news but we think this skit is one of the best from SNL and we can't stop singing it. Just today I was telling my mum about it so I thought I should share it so she can see how funny it really is.


20 January 2009

at last...

...change has come and it feels so good. Watching the Inauguration today was so inspiring and will stick with us for quite some time. Congratulations Mr. President, you make us proud.

07 January 2009

our best of 2008

We were without internet for a few days, oh the horror! So our planned post of our favorite albums of 2008 did not come together until now. Our personal top albums of 2008 are below. 2-5 are in no particular order because we couldn't decide, they were all soooo good. But we were unanimous in our number 1 for 2008!!

#1 Cut Copy--In Ghost Colours
We listen to this all. the. time. We saw them live three times in 2008 and each time it got better and better. This album is a must have for anyone who likes to dancity dance (us).

Ra Ra Riot
--The Rhumb Line
This album makes my heart happy in so many ways-Katie

Elbow--The Seldom Seen Kid
AMAZING! Well deserved winners of The Mercury Prize.

Lykee Li--Youth Novels
Another Swedish delight!

We have seen them three times now and we just adore their sound.

Our top singles of 2008 that were on constant repeat

*Santogold--LES Artistes
*The Kills--Black Balloon
*Kings of Leon--Sex on Fire
*Estelle--American Boy (special shout out to Brooklyn-hey!)
*The Long Blondes--Century
*The Virgins--Rich Girls
*The Ting Tings--Great DJ
*Feist--How My Heart Behaves (this is from 2007 but received more attention this year,I'm obsessed with it--Katie)
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