24 August 2009

j'taime phoenix

If you ever feel the need to dancity dance we highly recommend Phoenix. The new album is truly addictive from start to finish. It is the soundtrack to our summer.

21 August 2009

marimekko love

I am a a textile junkie and when it comes comes to Marimekko I am on a textile high. I could stare and plot ways to use their fabrics for hours. The new fall line is killing me. I want. I need. Now who wants to help a girl out and give her the funds to feed this addiction?

Plus some of my all-time favorites...

and the most classic of all Unikko. Love it in every colorway there is.

The clothes this season are to die for. The fall lines always kill me.


06 August 2009

redfish here we come

It's our favorite time of year. The annual family trip to Redfish Lake outside Stanley, Idaho. We love living in a big city where there is always something going on but it's always nice to go home and see the mountains and spend some time with our family (haven't seen them since Christmas). This summer we've been looking forward to this trip even more than usual it seems with us gathering "Redfish type" music for a playlist on the ipod.

Back in a few weeks!

04 August 2009

reach out and touch faith

We have been trying for the last few weeks to get tickets for Depeche Mode in NY. Shouldn't be hard but when you have a very small amount of money to spend it is tricky. By the the night of the show (last night) we still didn't have anything but we figured if we went maybe we could find something cheap from someone who just wanted to make some of their money back instead of loosing out on all of it. We weren't even going to be picky about the seats, we just wanted to go. It got down to 15 to 10 minutes before the show and by then all the touts knew that we were not interested in buying from them.

We finally started to accept defeat when we saw a lady who looked like she maybe had some spares to sell so we were about to go ask her when one of the nicer touts that we had spoken to earlier started calling out "where are those two girls, give 'em to them!" He had asked her if she was selling and she was, or so we thought...she then gave us the tickets for free! We offered to pay her what little money we could afford to pay but she insisted we take them. We rushed in with BIG smiles on our faces to find our seats and right when we got to them Depeche Mode came out.

It was fantastic to see them live again and sing and dance to all our old favorites and hear some of their new songs live. As always the visuals were incredible, really adding to the entire experience. Dave was in fine form doing all our favorite moves, Martin looked great in a silver suit and Fletch was so charming as always. It was worth all the stress that we went through to get there.

"Never Let Me Down Again" is one of our favorites live. When Dave has us all put our arms in the air and you look out and see the crowd it's magical. The best part of the show! Below is a clip from Berlin this year. Wonderful.

If you have never seen Depeche Mode 101, you must! Our sweet mother who indulged all our musical obsessions got it for us when we turned 15. We must have watched it every afternoon for months. It is a classic that we still quote to this day.

The video of "Enjoy the Silence" reminds us of our junior high and high school days when we would watch 120 mintues. ahhh....good times

01 August 2009

happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday to our daddy-o! Even though he's not feeling so hot with a cold this weekend, we sure hope our dad had a great birthday.

Great things about our dad....He makes yummy waffles and pancakes and he makes the best egg sandwiches. He used to take us, when we were little, out for a nice long drive on Sunday afternoon. He likes to prank his friends at the pool-they love it. Every Sunday night when we were younger it was a given that he would pop popcorn and we would get out the ice cream and licorice then watch the made for TV Sunday night movie. He's always willing to drive 2 1/2 hours to pick us up at the airport just to turn right around again to Idaho from Salt Lake even though we've insisted we can take the shuttle. He must really want to see us. We love our dad!
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