27 March 2010

i change shapes

I'm totally obsessed with this version of this song. I just can't get enough!


21 March 2010

yes, we look exactly alike

I haven't really been in the mood to contribute to this little blog that maybe 20 people read, but I'm going to be better about this and even try to write something everyday!

So, to start I have a twin story that happened a few weeks ago. Some find it amusing so here it is for you to decide.

Here is some background info first. Heidi and I are really into music and we really love to go gigs as often as possible and we have no problems with traveling to see a band (The Man mostly, but others too). Well, back in February a band I'm totally into was doing a tour of the US and we decided to do a weekend of three shows starting in NYC, then to Philadelphia, then to Washington DC. Three shows in three days may sound nuts to some but its what we like to do. Winter had been bringing us down and we needed this little pick me up. Since Heidi is a master at finding cheap travel deals, I left her to do all the planning while I enjoy her hard work and go along with it.

So, we were in Washington DC to see this band at the 9:30 club and here is the twin part to the story.

There weren't a lot of people outside when we got to the venue and I walked up to this girl (boring and conservative looking-not really relevant but it has to be said anyway) and this is how it went down:

Me: "Is this the line to go in?"

Her: "Who's playing tonight?" (Errrrr thanks for answering my question)

Me: "Band 1, Band 2, Band 3."

Her: "Oh, do they have bangs and glasses?"

A moment of silence since Heidi and I had no idea how to respond since we didn't know what she was talking about.

Heidi: " I don't know, since I don't know what you mean." She thinks a bit and says "Noooooo, no one in any of the bands wear glasses." And they were a bunch of guys, so no bangs either.

Her: "Oh, well I thought you were emulating someone in the band"

Heidi then gives this girl a death stare that only she can give and says rather firmly. "We are identical twins, we were born this way,I'm just being me."

Her: Stammering and backing up away from us since she knew she was an idiot and simpering "oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend" repeatedly. Then she disappeared and we didn't see her again. I totally lost it and kept laughing over Heidi's "just being me" comment. I kept teasing Heidi about it and her look to the girl and how she must have thought we were going to kick her ass. Heidi can get pretty tough and NY on you when she needs to. She's protected me at many a gig when people have been rough on me. Not that I can't defend myself-I did palm a guy in the nose once who grabbed me inappropriately. We've decided to start a girls gang (like the Pink Ladies) called "Sweet and Vicious". So far it's just the two of us.

I guess if I'd thought about it a little bit more I would have picked up on her stupid question but I guess I was just a little annoyed that she wasn't answering my original question. And really our look isn't that unique-girls with bangs and nerd glasses are a dime a dozen in Brooklyn. We think we're different enough but I guess we could do something more about looking so much alike. Yet, neither of us really wants to change our styles so I guess we'll just have to put up with the constant staring, questions, and my favourite-when some people find out we are twins and say to us "god bless you". Um, thanks? I really don't have any special powers because I was born with someone else that looks just like me but that's sweet.

The final gig was great but I think Philly was my favourite since I spent a lot of time during the DC show feeling self conscious about being so bloody identical. While we were waiting for the final band to play I was tapped on the shoulder and a girl said she's seen us at all the shows. I think she thought we were "cute".


19 March 2010

happy birthday katie!

Happy Birthday Katie! Forever my best friend. No matter what happens good or bad I always have my twin sister. Everyday someone notices that we are twins and they either stare at us, ask us to confirm their suspicions or just plain call out "TWIN"! As annoying as it can be sometimes I'm so thankful to be able to live in NY with you.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

17 March 2010

how's it goin?

To celebrate St.Patrick's Day we give you Bernie. The best Irish nurse you'll ever find....errrrr maybe not.

16 March 2010


This year for our birthday we are keeping it very casual. We are going to see our favourite Brooklyn band Kordan. Can't get enough of them!

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