22 May 2010

our dearest love

"Unfortunately nothing else ever in your life will affect you like music did in your early teens, and it puts you on a certain course. It’s like a love affair. It widens your taste and it broadens your view on everything. It saves you." - Morrissey in i-D, 2004

Happy Birthday to our dearest love! Another year has passed and he still brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. The happiest days are when we get to see those beautiful blue eyes smiling back at us, singing his words that have shaped who we are. We can never tell him thank you enough to make up for all that he has done for us. We love you from the heart of our bottom always and forever.

20 May 2010

happy belated birthday denise!

This year we were a bit forgetful and did not post a birthday greeting to our dear sister Denise. The day of her birthday we had a friend in town and were working the merch table at a gig at The Bowery Ballroom. It was a long day but we did call her to wish her a happy birthday.

This past weekend Denise came to visit for the weekend and we had so much fun laughing, walking her all over the city and taking a special day trip out of the city. Denise took care of us all weekend buying us food and getting us a few essentials for the summer. She is,as always, the best sister two girls could ask for. Thank You for all that you do for us Denise!
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