31 July 2008

c'est tres bon

Sunday night we went to a French film called Tell No One. It was so good and we highly recommend seeing it if you have a chance. Full of suspense, intrigue, French architecture and funny French thugs. We loved Bruno, he is a bloke you want to be on good terms with for sure.

We saw it at our favorite theatre in Brooklyn BAM Rose Cinemas. Our favorite thing about going here are the fire hoses. The way they are placed on the walls make them look like an art installation. They are always perfectly wrapped or stacked. Are we total nerds for noticing this and then for loving it?

24 July 2008

pioneer day!

Happy pioneer day from the Brooklyn pioneers to our Idaho & Utah pioneers!

23 July 2008

you light up my life

A very kind person that I know wanted to do something nice for me since I do so many nice things for them. They know how much I love lamps and offered to buy me a lamp for my new apartment as a thank you. I had a hard time deciding because I didn't want to break the bank but good lamps aren't cheap so in the end I chose this beauty.

I have many table lamps but no floor lamps. This will look great next to the brick wall in our living room. I love that the design is based on lighting for film and photography. It won't be here until August so I still have some time to make room for it. I was also lucky enough to recently get the table lamp that I have been pining for as mentioned before here. I got the hook up so my patience prevailed and I got a good deal. Gotta love that!


03 July 2008

getting settled in

Our move last weekend to our new apartment was very loooong and exhausting. The first day we had help for an hour and half with the heavy things but after that it was just the two of us. Three days of back and forth from one apartment to the other with just a small shopping cart. We joked that we were Brooklyn pioneers with our push cart. Now we have a true appreciation for what the pioneers went through when they moved out west. On Sunday night there was a crazy thunderstorm that flooded the streets. We were taking a break anyway to go to a special event (more on that later) so the timing could not have been better. We were so hot and sweaty from lugging our things up two flights of stairs, the rain was very welcome. We are hoping to resume normalcy by next week with many fun posts of what we've been up to. Have a great holiday weekend!
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