24 February 2009

happy birthday mum!

Happy birthday to our dear sweet mum. We were called her "little bonuses" when we came along and she's been known to brag that we keep her young and hip.

We know we are biased but we really do have the best mum. She is always there to talk to...no matter what time it is. She always set a good example for us on how to treat others. She supports us in all our silly ideas and when ever we need help she is the first person we call.

One of our favorite stories (sorry mum had to tell this one) is when she took us to Dairy Queen in Pocatello for a treat. She wasn't close enough to the speaker at the drive through for the girl on the other end to hear her. Well, hilarity ensued and it ended with her roaring past the drive through window yelling "NEVER MIND". We were laughing so hard, we had tears rolling down our faces. She was not pleased at all with us but as the years have passed we'd like to think she now sees the humor in this story.

Another favorite is when we were on a family road trip in Oregon and when she came out of the restroom our dad had moved the car closer to the building but she didn't see us. She stood no less than 4 feet away from us looking for us with a puzzled look as to where we had disappeared to. We were in hysterics the whole time and when she finally noticed us she wasn't too pleased and flipped us off! This only made us laugh even harder.

Have a great birthday mum and don't get too tan out in the desert partying hard with all your friends.

*oh and thanks for putting up with all our crazy antics and for turning around to go back to get that really cool Barbie motor home we saw at a yard sale when we were little.

23 February 2009

mystery jets

We're glad that we're finally going to see Mystery Jets tomorrow night. We've been listening to them a lot as of late. This song is our current favorite and has been on a constant repeat. Edward Scissorhands is even in the band!


20 February 2009

start the love affair

This song by The Bird & The Bee is so fabbity fab and since I totally dig Japan I love it even more for that. I've been listening to it a lot and I can't wait to see them play in a few weeks. I saw them perform on TV a few weeks ago and haven't stopped doing the back up girls dance since and by the way how great are their outfits?


19 February 2009

city living

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos that I've taken while living in NY. I'm so full of inspiration every where I turn, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Ahh...but I do love it.

This is the view from the roof of the Met. I love watching the sunset anywhere close to Central Park.

These photos are from my many wanderings in Brooklyn. Everything here has a special place in my heart. I love my borough.

The windows at Paul Smith last year were tres bon!

The hall leading to the cafe at PS 1. I adore those lights.


14 February 2009

happy valentines day

Happy Valentines Day! We're sending love from Brooklyn to our family, friends and a special shout out to the spinsters club.

image via getty

06 February 2009

friendly fires

I am mesmerized by this video by Friendly Fires. This song/album/band are fabitty fab. Makes me want to dance all around my flat nonstop. I can't wait to see these guys in March with White Lies at the Bowery Ballroom.


05 February 2009

wildbirds & peacedrums

We went to see Lykke Li again this week in Williamsburg. As always she was brilliant. That girl can dance, dance, dance. She did a cover of Kings Of Leon's "Knocked Up" that was so heartfelt. At one point she had her drummer on one side of the stage and the drummer for Wildbirds & Pecedrums on the other side of the stage drumming together. The sound was incredible and intense. Loved it!

We love to get to all gigs early enough for the opener because you never know what hidden gem you might discover. For Lykke Li it was Wildbirds & Peacedrums (from the lovely land of Sweeden) WOW is what we thought with the first song and by the end of their set we were hooked. Worth checking out live if you ever have the chance. Beautiful and very moving.


02 February 2009


Today I finally got around to checking out Alexander McQueen's line for Target. I love his style so I was supper excited to see what goodies were in store for me come March. Errr, not as blown away as I had hoped to be. There are a few things that I like but will need closer inspection before I will fully commit to them. I used to look forward to each design collaboration at Target but lately they have all been a bit underwhelming.

I like the pattern to this dress and the draping.

A simple well tailored black blazer always makes my day.

I LOVE grey, so need I say more.? Styled with the blue booties and that killer vest this looks like it could be perfect for going out.

This dress looks fun for summer. I'm always on the look out for summer dresses since the humidity in New York makes me miserable every year.

This whole look was one of my favorites all around.

I really like the cut of this dress, and those blue booties are just too pretty.

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