29 October 2008

we love it! we love it!

One of our families favorites films is Gotcha! Our parents did a good job picking that one out one weekend. It is a classic 80's film with so many great lines and killer music. Recently the show Chuck had a few references to Gotcha! Thus proving it is beloved by many.

This is the scene that makes us laugh the most. Guaranteed fit of giggles if you watch this with us.

21 October 2008

makes me happy

I'm so smitten with the work of Kat MacLeod. Her illustrations are so lovely and I just want to be one of those girls with their great outfits and fun hair.

I love the way she uses a mixture of different medias and even thought it's a flat image there is still a texturized quality to them that attracts me. They also remind me a bit of Egon Scheile (one of my favorite artists-especially "Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up"). Once upon a time I fancied myself to be an artist and if I were I'd want to be like Kat or painter Elizabeth Peyton who has an exhibit that just opened at The New Museum. I haven't gone yet but plans are being made for a night to get over there and drool for awhile. I'm such a girl-I really love simple and pretty pictures (yet I also love the dark work of Francis Bacon and Lucien Frued hmmmm...).


20 October 2008

bunneymen never stop

This morning we were reminiscing about our high school years and how we found out about good music. Growing up in Idaho we did not have access to radio stations that played anything other that top 40 music, blech. We instead had to rely on music papers and magazines from the UK which we could only get when we went to Utah. Back when there was Select, Melody Maker, Q and enemy to THE MAN the NME. The later two are still around but we don't read them as much if at all anymore. We also had the beloved show 120 Minutes on MTV. It was on Sunday nights at 10 pm. As mentioned before we lived for this show. One of the best videos we ever saw that will always be a favorite of ours is by Echo and the Bunneymen. It's just a performance video but it still gets us geared up to boogie and sing our hearts out. We recently saw the Bunneymen at Radio City Music Hall and as always it was FANTASTIC!! The first half was a lot of classic songs, we sang and danced like we were 15 again. The second half was with a full orchestra and they performed all the songs off their classic album Ocean Rain. Throughout the second half old photos of the the band were projected up on screens. It was so lovely to see them when they were first starting out. We just love 'em!

02 October 2008

sweet sixteen

Sixteen years ago today our lives changed forever. Our dear sweet mum and our sister Denise drove us to Salt Lake City from Idaho when we were sixteen to see THE MAN for the first time in concert. We will never forget that day and all the happiness it has brought to us since. We would not be who we are today if it was not for HIM and that single event. A huge thank you goes to him for saving us from the dreadful years of high school and beyond.
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