28 April 2009


Today we are off for a fun filled trip to visit dear friends in Glasgow. It has been ten years since the first time we have been there so we're sure the city has changed a lot since then. Last time we were there the city was alive with a lot of new design projects so it will be great to see all the new architecture. The music scene is also thriving again there so we should have lots of fun checking out some local bands. We are also going to take a quick trip on the ferry to Northern Ireland and visit the hometown of one of our friends and then on to Belfast.

We promise we'll take lots of pictures to post once we return.

24 April 2009


Last night we went to the first of three open rehearsals Fischerspooner was holding at The Performing Garage in Soho. Each rehearsal holds 60 people so it was very intimate. It was BRILLIANT!! The new direction that they are moving in is so incredible. Their creativity is beyond words, each time we see them we are in complete awe.

If they are coming to a city near you, you must go. We promise you will be so glad you went.

22 April 2009

reduce, reuse, recycle

Happy Earth Day! This day always gives me hope that we are all on the right path to taking care of our planet. With the green movement becoming so in vouge there is a chance that our earth will start to heal from all the terrible things we have done to it. It all starts with simple daily life changes. There are many great books out there that can guide everyone on how they can make a difference. Some of my favorite are The Green Book and Living Green. Another great resource on how you can lead a more green life is Treehugger. Be kind to our planet today and everyday.


16 April 2009

top shopping

We made the trip to the glorious Topshop. We managed to get there right before it got so crowded that a line formed to get inside. I want to know how they get to that point, knowing that they can't let in anyone else until someone comes out. Shopping in New York is always crowded and it didn't feel anymore cramped than any other store.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Nothing stood out as mind-blowing fantastic to me. Dare I even say it looked like stuff I could get for less at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Granted they are all similar in their own ways but I expected better from Topshop. The one item that stood out for us was a lovely scarf, but at $70 it wasn't happening.

We'll check it out often but until I win the lottery it will be a a total splurge for me to be able to buy anything there. I have rent to pay people.


13 April 2009


When we lived in Salt Lake our favorite time of year was Sundance. We would go to 14 or more films in a week in a half. So much fun but also exhausting. We always loved the shorts programs and would try to catch at least one per festival. I discovered this charming short film via the lovely blog Le Love. It is worth watching and I encourage all to get wrapped up in this story. At my old job I had a window seat, which was very rare-our studio was in the basement of the building. My view was of the Chinese lady in the apartment next door's laundy. I would have loved to just once looked up and out my window and saw someone who I could have shared signs with. Well, I guess I could have with the laundry lady but some how I don't think a sign that says "your bra just fell down into the window well" is as romantic.


yogurt goodness

While at our favorite Whole Foods on 2nd Ave the other night Katie and I saw this yogurt called Siggi's. The packaging alone made me want this yogurt. I love the type (aka font) they used and the nice clean design of their packaging. Plus the container itself was perfect. Then the fact that it is Icelandic just made me die a bit more. The design nerd in me was in heaven. Yes I tend to buy things based soley on their looks, hence the reason I am a bit of a design nerd.


11 April 2009

happy birthday denise!

Denise is the best sister a girl could ask for. We have always adored her and looked up to her and when we were younger we wanted to be her. One of our favorite things to do was go through her shoes and play shoe store-she had the best shoes so we could play for hours. We also loved to watch her get ready and put on her makeup, so glamorous.

She has also instilled in us a love of Tom Selleck. We watched Magnum P.I. with her every week and all his movies. Our favorite being High Road to China (speeaak!). We still have a spot for him in our hearts.

Happy Birthday Denise!

03 April 2009


The time has come dear people. Topshop is finally open!!! We have been so excited for this day and now that it is here we are going to wait til next week to see the glorious new store. Why? Because that place is going to be crazytown for the next few days and it would put us in crankytown. 'nuff said. Shopping is supposed to be fun not bootcamp. Details to follow once we have made the trip.
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