22 May 2009

we've come to wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday to "The Man " Today he is celebrating the milestone of 50 and we are so happy to celebrate with him in his hometown of Manchester. We originally didn't think we would be able to go but we're so glad we did. He has been such a large part of our lives for the last 16 1/2 years how could we not say thank you and be there with him.

"For everybody there is an artist that captures you just at the right time, and you never let them go, and they can never disappoint you." Yes, so true.

20 May 2009

manchester...so much to answer for

We have been back from Scotland for just ten days and now we are off again. This time we are going for a long weekend to Manchester, England to celebrate a very important birthday. We just couldn't miss this glorious event.

Soon we'll have lots of pictures from both Scotland and Manchester-once we've recovered.
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