03 March 2009

wot you lookin at?

I discovered the work of Jodie Silsby today via Design* Sponge and it's brilliant. I love maps so her project made me very happy. Jodie is a recent graduate of University of Portsmouth. While there she created the Portsmouth vernacular map and was awarded membership for entry to the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) student assessment scheme for it. It's a map of Portsmouth that lays out the streets with words that relate to the dialect and language of Portsmouth. Having actually gone to Portsmouth before it was fun to look at the layout of the map and see what was included on it. Katie and I went there in 2006 and we loved the city. It was so charming and the people were extremely friendly and helpful. We had the best cabbies there of any of the towns we went to on that visit. I think this might have to join our family of maps. Plus I love English slang so this is a good way to have a daily dose of it.



Darleen said...

Like it!

Goog & Winnie said...

You should check out Simon Evans. I saw him in the SFMOMA and his stuff is amazing. He also likes Maps... this link has 17 of his images. Enjoy:


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