01 August 2009

happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday to our daddy-o! Even though he's not feeling so hot with a cold this weekend, we sure hope our dad had a great birthday.

Great things about our dad....He makes yummy waffles and pancakes and he makes the best egg sandwiches. He used to take us, when we were little, out for a nice long drive on Sunday afternoon. He likes to prank his friends at the pool-they love it. Every Sunday night when we were younger it was a given that he would pop popcorn and we would get out the ice cream and licorice then watch the made for TV Sunday night movie. He's always willing to drive 2 1/2 hours to pick us up at the airport just to turn right around again to Idaho from Salt Lake even though we've insisted we can take the shuttle. He must really want to see us. We love our dad!

1 comment:

Darleen said...

Happy Birthday! He sounds like a sweet Dad. I'm sure he's excited to see you soon.

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