19 July 2010

palm springs

Back in March we went to Palm Spring to spend a long weekend with our parents and Denise. We weren't able to go home for Christmas so this was our get together instead since we hadn't seen the family in over six months. When my mum asked where we would like to meet up we picked Palm Spring since we haven't ever really had a chance to explore it properly. We have gone to the Coachella festival for 7 years but it's different when you're there for a festival and spend your whole time in a polo field watching bands for 2 or 3 days. We flew into Long Beach (strangest airport ever, but also kinda cool) and drove to Palm Springs with Denise. Our car rental had satellite radio! Woooohoooo! Such a little thing but the difference it made was great.

We spent our time with the family driving around looking at architecture (how they humor us), eating lots of asparagus, going to an outdoor market and to lots of thrift stores (my favourite advertised a "Divine Fusions Fashion Show") and laughing a lot. We also took a tram ride up a canyon and it was wild. You go from 80 degree sunny weather to the top of the mountain where there is snow around a foot deep and it even started to snow while we were up there. People were decked out in snow gear and sleds ready to take a trail and have some fun.

We also went to a date farm and watched an educational film while we had date shakes. We'd never had a date before but our mum swore they were delicious so we tried them. They are so good! We didn't realize they were so sweet like candy. We hauled a bunch back to NY to nibble on for a few months.

We had to go check out the Ace Hotel while we were there. Great cheeky design.

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