20 October 2008

bunneymen never stop

This morning we were reminiscing about our high school years and how we found out about good music. Growing up in Idaho we did not have access to radio stations that played anything other that top 40 music, blech. We instead had to rely on music papers and magazines from the UK which we could only get when we went to Utah. Back when there was Select, Melody Maker, Q and enemy to THE MAN the NME. The later two are still around but we don't read them as much if at all anymore. We also had the beloved show 120 Minutes on MTV. It was on Sunday nights at 10 pm. As mentioned before we lived for this show. One of the best videos we ever saw that will always be a favorite of ours is by Echo and the Bunneymen. It's just a performance video but it still gets us geared up to boogie and sing our hearts out. We recently saw the Bunneymen at Radio City Music Hall and as always it was FANTASTIC!! The first half was a lot of classic songs, we sang and danced like we were 15 again. The second half was with a full orchestra and they performed all the songs off their classic album Ocean Rain. Throughout the second half old photos of the the band were projected up on screens. It was so lovely to see them when they were first starting out. We just love 'em!


Darleen said...

I was boogie woogieing to that video! I love Echo and the Bunneymen. They are still together?

katie and heidi said...

They get together every now and then. We saw them in Salt Lake a loooong time ago at Zepher Club. Plus we saw Ian and Will together in SLC as Electrafixion.

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