21 October 2008

makes me happy

I'm so smitten with the work of Kat MacLeod. Her illustrations are so lovely and I just want to be one of those girls with their great outfits and fun hair.

I love the way she uses a mixture of different medias and even thought it's a flat image there is still a texturized quality to them that attracts me. They also remind me a bit of Egon Scheile (one of my favorite artists-especially "Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up"). Once upon a time I fancied myself to be an artist and if I were I'd want to be like Kat or painter Elizabeth Peyton who has an exhibit that just opened at The New Museum. I haven't gone yet but plans are being made for a night to get over there and drool for awhile. I'm such a girl-I really love simple and pretty pictures (yet I also love the dark work of Francis Bacon and Lucien Frued hmmmm...).


1 comment:

Darleen said...

OOoooo...I LOVE all those paintings--so pretty!

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