02 February 2009


Today I finally got around to checking out Alexander McQueen's line for Target. I love his style so I was supper excited to see what goodies were in store for me come March. Errr, not as blown away as I had hoped to be. There are a few things that I like but will need closer inspection before I will fully commit to them. I used to look forward to each design collaboration at Target but lately they have all been a bit underwhelming.

I like the pattern to this dress and the draping.

A simple well tailored black blazer always makes my day.

I LOVE grey, so need I say more.? Styled with the blue booties and that killer vest this looks like it could be perfect for going out.

This dress looks fun for summer. I'm always on the look out for summer dresses since the humidity in New York makes me miserable every year.

This whole look was one of my favorites all around.

I really like the cut of this dress, and those blue booties are just too pretty.


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