05 February 2009

wildbirds & peacedrums

We went to see Lykke Li again this week in Williamsburg. As always she was brilliant. That girl can dance, dance, dance. She did a cover of Kings Of Leon's "Knocked Up" that was so heartfelt. At one point she had her drummer on one side of the stage and the drummer for Wildbirds & Pecedrums on the other side of the stage drumming together. The sound was incredible and intense. Loved it!

We love to get to all gigs early enough for the opener because you never know what hidden gem you might discover. For Lykke Li it was Wildbirds & Peacedrums (from the lovely land of Sweeden) WOW is what we thought with the first song and by the end of their set we were hooked. Worth checking out live if you ever have the chance. Beautiful and very moving.


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