13 April 2009


When we lived in Salt Lake our favorite time of year was Sundance. We would go to 14 or more films in a week in a half. So much fun but also exhausting. We always loved the shorts programs and would try to catch at least one per festival. I discovered this charming short film via the lovely blog Le Love. It is worth watching and I encourage all to get wrapped up in this story. At my old job I had a window seat, which was very rare-our studio was in the basement of the building. My view was of the Chinese lady in the apartment next door's laundy. I would have loved to just once looked up and out my window and saw someone who I could have shared signs with. Well, I guess I could have with the laundry lady but some how I don't think a sign that says "your bra just fell down into the window well" is as romantic.


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