08 June 2008

boston-day one

For Memorial weekend we both had Saturday through Monday off so we decided to get out of town and go to Boston since we'd never been there and thought it was about time to check it out. We left our flat bright and early Saturday morning at 6am to catch the 7am Fung Wah bus (it's only $15 each way, who can beat that?) Our bus must have had wings because we got to Boston by 10:15 and we weren't really expecting to get there until 11 or 11:30. It was a mega-bonus for us to check into our hotel early and drop of our bags as well. We stayed at a Marriott Courtyard in South Boston and it felt like we were in a palace after being cramped in our tiny room in Brooklyn for the last 3 months. This room was twice the size, had a TV (of course it would-but we don't have one so it was exciting to us) the beds were so BIG and comfy, and it had a lovely bathroom. We were in heaven! Seriously... it was so hard to leave all that space and comfort.

Once renewed and refreshed, we didn't have set plans so we decided to hit one of the museums we wanted to go to while there. We took the silver line on the T (Boston's public transport), it's quite strange. It's a bus that goes underground in a tunnel. The other thing we noticed immediately with Boston's trains/buses is the quiet. There was hardly anyone around and we felt a bit like we were in a film where there is some disease that wipes everyone out and all that's left are zombies. It was like that pretty much all weekend-people got out of town while we came into town. It was nice to get away from constant people, people, people everywhere.

Our first stop was to check out the Institute of Contemporary Art which was small but everything on exhibit was fantastic!!

The New Museum in NY could learn some things from them. The ICA is located right by a bay and there were some sailboats cruising around and a nice breeze. May we just add that the ICA building has a fabbity-fab elevator. Yes, we were smitten with their giant elevator and it's lovely glass and wood. We could have spent a few hours watching the elevator go up and down. After the ICA we walked around the area but there wasn't much else to do unless we wanted to take a ferry somewhere-which we didn't.

We decided to go to Newbury Street since our friend Maddy suggested it and walked for quite awhile around there.

It's a lot of little boutiques/shops and for some reason it reminded us of a high street in any town, England. Hmmm... Throughout the weekend little things would remind us of England which made us a bit sad. Two years ago we were living it up all over England with "The Man" on tour having a great time. We walked and walked and walked and just checked out the various buildings as we usually do when we explore new cities. We eventually came to a large park and walked though it.

While in the park we saw 4 brides and grooms getting their photos taken. It's the season-blech. Of coarse we had to rate the various brides and their dresses-it's what we do. Sidenote-Bostonians are seriously lacking in the fashion department-we saw a lot of horrible outfits/hairstyles and while we aren't the fashion police we are still going to mock your bad outfit. We loved the old architecture of the city and took a lot of pictures of buildings.

We were getting pretty tired after walking all over so we decided to hit a movie since neither of us had been to one one in months. We went to Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian and really liked it a lot-maybe even more than the first one. If you see it-Eddie Izzard is the voice to a mouse and that really made our day since we adore Mr. Izzard and we will be going to see him at Radio City at the end of June. After the film we were so exhausted from our long day we went back to our room and crashed. Really-it was a struggle to even get into our jim jams.

*up next-day two WOOP WOOP!

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Darleen said...

Glad to hear you had such a fun time. We've been to Boston quite a bit and haven't gone to as many places (except Newbury of course!). I'll call you soon.

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