13 June 2008

boston-day two

We had a slow start since we were so tired from the day before and didn't even make it out of our room until noon. First on our list of things to do was to hit the Museum of Fine Arts. It's currently under a bit of construction so there were some areas closed off but we still managed to spend 3 hours there. Our absolute favorite exhibit was Antonio Lopez Garcia's. His subjects are mostly common and simple but really powerful in their impact with something so basic as his use of lighting (it's the all those art history papers I wrote coming out isn't it?).

Apparently it can take years for him to complete a painting while he waits for the the light to be the same every time he works on it. He's both a painter and a sculptor and there were these giant baby heads on the lawn of the museum that are quite stunning when you first come up to the museum.

There was also an exhibit of British prints that was in it's final week-so we were lucky to see that and gush over it's loveliness. The prints had such great uses of color and shapes and anything pertaining to Britain makes us happy.

Our one gripe of the museum was the poor placement of the bag check. To get to your bag and go to the gift shop you had to walk through the museum and they MADE us check our purses. We had to go to bag check, get out our wallets and then check our bags again, then go through the museum to the gift shop to check out the books (they were out of the catalog for Antonio Lopez Garcia! but we did get a great photography book on Berlin for $7!) then schlep all the way back to the damn bag check to get our bags again and THEN leave.

After the museum we were starving so we headed to Cambridge to get something to eat and check out that hood. We hit an Urban Outfitters where we got our second cool book for the day (more of them to come) this one is about Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell and we got it for only$5! It's all in Japanese but it's the graphics we love anyway.

The local vegetarian cafe was having it's annual spoken word festival so they were only doing take away which resulted in us going across the ally to some Mexican joint that turned out to be not that bad. They had a vegetarian empananda with black beans, corn and red pepper sauce that was pretty good for a non-fan of Mexican food (I like it-I just don't LOVE it for all of you gasping in horror over that comment). Our server was very ivy league and a nice guy who looked like the pervy friend from Adventures In Babysitting. We felt so bad for him since he had two large tables and 4 small ones and was constantly going, going, going.

After dinner we just walked around and admired the architecture. There were a few interesting mixes of modern architecture on some streets with all period architecture.

Then we found a cemetery that was open for us to explore. While we were there a woman came in and asked us if we were interested in a mini tour of the place since she gave them. Yes, please! It was very interesting and informative-she knew her stuff and we had a great time with her until it got too dark to really see anymore. Her name is Donna La Rue and she has been a burying ground researcher for years. It doesn't take much for us to get excited over a cool old cemetery and we have been known to visit them whenever we can in our travels (Manchester, Dublin, London, and Paris) We have our eyes on Greenwood in Brooklyn but haven't made it yet.

After we left the cemetery we decided we need some ice cream to finish off our evening, so we wandered around Harvard Square looking for an ice cream shop and happened upon the Harvard Bookstore. We found a few interesting books on sale (just add them to the pile!) plus we received a great recommendation for frozen yogurt from the girl that helped us. We both got grapefruit frozen yogurt that was so yummy-Heidi got chocolate chips on top while I got strawberries. We've never had grapefruit frozen yogurt (sounded a little gross) but it was fantastic! After that, it was getting late, our new books were getting heavy, and everything was closing so we headed back to our hotel and took advantage of our rooms TV and watched a little bit of the Deadliest Catch marathon on the Discovery channel.

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