10 June 2008

heat + humidity = misery

The past four days have been unbearably HOT! We are not fans of the summer heat to begin with (being big fans of layering in our everyday attire) but when New York gets this hot it makes us want to give up and move to Iceland. Last night was the final straw and at 4:30 in the morning our pathetic fan was not doing us any favors. It was time to break out the air conditioner. We were hoping to hold off on installing it since we are moving soon but we couldn't take it any more. Getting it out of storage was not easy and things were dropped, possibly alerting our landlord of our covert op. After struggling for a half hour to get it in place we happily turned it on and...NOTHING happened! The little guy made noise like he was going to bless us with sweet relief but no air be it hot or cold came spewing out. After whimpering over our terrible luck we tried to get some sleep since now we were even more exhausted after not having slept most of the night.

Today we were in Crankytown over another bloody hot day and knowing we would have another dreadful nights sleep. Fast forward to now where we had given up hope after a call to GE to see if they had any advice on how it could be fixed (for only $100 + $ for parts and labor they would come out to fix it on the 19th-how generous of them) when a storm blew in. We decided to take lil' AC out and embrace any cold air that came our way. While looking at him on the floor a sneaking suspicion led us to try lil' AC again and he worked!!!!! He's now back in the window blowing his delicious cold air. Glorious, comfortable sleep will be had tonight!

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