09 May 2008

oh the horror

Yesterday on my lunch break I walked past a truly horrendous "fashion" item and I was so disgusted I immediatly had to call Heidi to share what I had seen. Prepare yourselves for what I am about to tell you... There was a woman sitting at a cafe table enjoying a cup of joe with the worst shoes. She had on back mule Crocs with a creme satin ribbon tied into bows at the top of each shoe. REALLY?! SO B.A.D. I understand the need for comfortable shoes but that's like putting a bow on a steaming pile of doggy poo.



Allie said...

why are you so funny! I love you

The Powells said...

that is some horrible site to see...yikes!!!

Dirk said...

I think I saw her soul mate in line at a rental car place. Creme crocs with purble daisy attachments on a dude! Sick...HATE CROCS. I mean if you garden thats fine but really, they ugly.

katie & heidi said...

Croc crimes-when will it end? I have a bad feeling it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

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