10 May 2008

psst... is that a pig?

This morning we went to the DUMBO district of Brooklyn to check out Brooklyn Designs. It was a rough start since Heidi discovered that her wallet had fallen out of her purse and I don't have a pin # for my debit card, since it was $10 to get in-I didn't get in (at first). Heidi got in for free since she's a designer with a fancy interior design firm and had an email confirmation to get her in on the guestlist. It was in four different buildings and the first two were really small and people weren't really set up yet since it was only 10 am. so I wasn't really bothered about not getting into those and I could basically see it all from the door anyway. Heidi said rather sheepishly, "Yeah, designers tend to be late a lot."

The next space was much larger and, while being twins had nothing to do with this other than we've done stuff like this before, I really wanted to go into this one so I took her email confirmation to the ticket box and got in for free too! I'll let Heidi talk about the various designers but after we were done and walking back to the subway we walked over to a really cool bookstore (and we do LURV bookstores). The bookstore is on a corner and there was a girl standing there on her phone that I didn't think about her much since we were in deep conversation about some items we had just seen when she whispered to us "Are those PIGS? Are THOSE pigs? Hey, are those pigs?" At first Heidi and I had no idea what she was going on about as I didn't see anything and I was wondering if she was referring to policemen or something. That's when I noticed across the street a guy with TWO pigs on leashes. Yes, they were pigs but how is it this guy has two for pets in Brooklyn? Maybe he thinks he's George Clooney? They were so cute and just sniffing/snorting around on the ground-it just fits in with the crazy things that we encounter when we're not even looking for it.



Jo said...

speaking of seeing crazy things, i saw a few today as well. first, a guy smoking an gigantic cigar his mouth barely fit around it but it was real, he was puffing away. then 3 circus clowns walking down the street in full costume in little italy. nobody even looks at them funny. only in nyc.

Darleen said...

Is that the picture of the pigs?? I can't see it--it's too small. Crazy. Does he think it's a farm or somthing? So, did Heidi find her wallet??

katie & heidi said...

Yes those are the piggies. It was the best picture I could get on my camera phone without getting in his bidness. My wallet was in my room on the floor, it had fallen out the night before when I tossed my purse on the floor.

Heidi said...

Too Funny! Pigs in the city Hmm... Great Blog!! Glad Heidi found her wallet.
You two have so much fun! I love reading of your adventures!

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