23 July 2008

you light up my life

A very kind person that I know wanted to do something nice for me since I do so many nice things for them. They know how much I love lamps and offered to buy me a lamp for my new apartment as a thank you. I had a hard time deciding because I didn't want to break the bank but good lamps aren't cheap so in the end I chose this beauty.

I have many table lamps but no floor lamps. This will look great next to the brick wall in our living room. I love that the design is based on lighting for film and photography. It won't be here until August so I still have some time to make room for it. I was also lucky enough to recently get the table lamp that I have been pining for as mentioned before here. I got the hook up so my patience prevailed and I got a good deal. Gotta love that!


1 comment:

Jo said...

i LOVE it!

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