03 July 2008

getting settled in

Our move last weekend to our new apartment was very loooong and exhausting. The first day we had help for an hour and half with the heavy things but after that it was just the two of us. Three days of back and forth from one apartment to the other with just a small shopping cart. We joked that we were Brooklyn pioneers with our push cart. Now we have a true appreciation for what the pioneers went through when they moved out west. On Sunday night there was a crazy thunderstorm that flooded the streets. We were taking a break anyway to go to a special event (more on that later) so the timing could not have been better. We were so hot and sweaty from lugging our things up two flights of stairs, the rain was very welcome. We are hoping to resume normalcy by next week with many fun posts of what we've been up to. Have a great holiday weekend!

1 comment:

Jo said...

let's see pictures of the new place!

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