31 July 2008

c'est tres bon

Sunday night we went to a French film called Tell No One. It was so good and we highly recommend seeing it if you have a chance. Full of suspense, intrigue, French architecture and funny French thugs. We loved Bruno, he is a bloke you want to be on good terms with for sure.

We saw it at our favorite theatre in Brooklyn BAM Rose Cinemas. Our favorite thing about going here are the fire hoses. The way they are placed on the walls make them look like an art installation. They are always perfectly wrapped or stacked. Are we total nerds for noticing this and then for loving it?


Marci & Daniel said...

Hello Katie (and Heidi) - so glad to read your "bits-of-nonsense" blog. And I think the fire hoses are lovely (and want to visit that theatre in Brooklyn).

Ritch in Love said...

Hi you two!! I'm so excited that I found your blog!
Katie, don't kill me, but we were in NYC this last week with the kids and I feel totally guilty for not calling you! We were slammed with touristy stuff for the kids so all we did was GO! GO! GO! However I did slow down at Anthropologie at Rockefeller and thought of you as I whisked through! I hope you and Heidi are doing awesome! Love the blog!

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