13 September 2008

happy birthday darleen!

Today is my good friend Darleen's birthday. We have known each other for nine years, I can't believe it's been that long already. We met in Salt Lake working together at the scandalous Urban Chic, the store did not last but our friendship did. Since then Darleen moved to Connecticut with her husband for his grad school at Yale and now they have two children with another on the way. Their family has been my adopted home ever since I moved east for school over three years ago. I adore her children, they are fun and wonderful in so many ways. Darleen is a wonderful mom and a loving wife as well as a very talented jewelry designer. When ever we get together (which is not often enough) we always have a great time laughing.

Every year I've lived on the east coast I go to her house for Thanksgiving and every year something goes wrong. It almost feels like we are in a sitcom the way things happen. One year it was the pie I brought-it was ruined on the way to her house on the train. So rather than serve a mushy pie we ate it to put it out of it's misery. Last year we had trouble with the rolls-they wouldn't rise. This year the new baby will have barely arrived so something is bound to happen. One thing is for sure we will get the rolls right this time around, because last year we vowed to have a practice bake off.

Happy birthday to my darlin' Darleen!



Beth B. said...

I still cringe when I think about that poor pie...at least it was yummy right?

Darleen said...

Thanks Heidi! I love you too. You forgot to mention about how I burn the sweet potatoes to a crispy black every year.

katie and heidi said...

How could I have forgotten those! Last years batch was especially crispy and black. They stuck together like cement. We are not Martha Stewart are we. You are much closer to it than me though.

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