04 September 2008

stairway to heaven

While perusing the Free People blog I have now discovered a new website that I love, love love!

It's stair porn and I can't get enough of it. An entire site devoted to pictures of stairs!!! Are you freaking out like I am?? This pic is especially dreamy.

I have always had a thing for stairs-especially photos like the one above but sometimes when I'm actually on one I can get a little frightened. The first time I went to London, Heidi and I visited St. Paul's Cathedral and attempted to go to the very top. I was Okay until we reached a spiral staircase that is pretty much just out in the middle of the dome and it's just free space all around it. I got maybe halfway up it and just panicked and had to turn back. This was particularly embarrassing since there were people behind us and I had to squeeze past them doing the walk of shame. I'm sure they thought I was a total nutter but I just couldn't continue-it was way to freaky. Maybe if I tried it again now I'd be better? I think I've gotten braver (in certain aspects anyway). Just look at all the flying I do now! This from the girl who once locked herself in the bathroom sobbing in terror over the thought of flying to Europe and now I don't even have to bury my face into Heidi's shoulder at takeoff and can even fly by myself. Maybe next time I'm in London I'll try to conquer those stairs at St. Pauls hmmm...

Okay back to stairs... I really love the lines and shapes they create and just looking at this website makes me swoon.


P.S. As I type this "Manamana" from The Muppet Show came up on my itunes and it has given me a serious case of giggles.

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