28 September 2008

music is my drug

Last Sunday night Heidi and I saw The Presets and Cut Copy at Webster Hall. This is the third time we have seen Cut Copy in the last six months and it just gets better and better every time. We also saw The Presets a few months ago and they were just as brilliant this time as the last-we danced our legs down to the knees for both of them.

It's not a secret that we are really into music (a certain someone in particular) and I was just struck again last weekend over how much I love, love, love music and how much it is involved in my life. So many experiences and friends have been the result of my passion for music.

When I was fourteen you could say I discovered the "alternative" scene. That was when it really was alternative (now you'd call it indie) and growing up in Idaho there wasn't anything to aide in our quest for music other than some British music mags, zines and MTV's 120 minutes. Heidi and I lived for this show and recorded it religiously every weekend (what were we going to do with all those videos? I can't even remember). There was also a local band that did mostly covers of the alternative "classics" that we would go see play whenever we could (they played bars mostly-bummer) and that had a great impact on our love of going out to see bands play. We were also lucky that our mum would humor us and took us to see some concerts in the big city once or twice. Such adventure!

When you hear a song that you love there is nothing better-pure brilliance. Great music is all consuming to me and I can shut out everything and as I feel the rhythm flow through and warm me. It makes me feel so alive and happy that I am always looking for more to give me a fix (not to say that I don't still love the rest of my beloved collection).


** Heidi had a nice laugh at me last night while I washed the dishes. She thought I was ignoring her while she talked to me from across the room but I had my ipod on and I was in a zone. Apparently it was humorous...

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