03 December 2008


We used to go out dancing a lot with our friend Dirk. Most of the time we would see this guy at the club who looked like Jarvis from Pulp. He danced like him, dressed like him, even had glasses like him. If a week went by and he wasn't there we would be so sad because he was so fun to watch. Not knowing his name we just called him Jarvis. Jarvis of Salt Lake City what ever happened to you?

Below is a classic song by Pulp. It doesn't quite capture the magic of the real Jarvis' dancing but it's our favorite.


** AHEM! Heidi forgot an important part of the story in that we would joke that we wanted to go to the Jarvis school of dance because we loved SLC Jarvis' moves so much. One year for Christmas we even had a t-shirt made for Dirk that said "I graduated from the Jarvis School of Dance".


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