13 December 2008

she's so high

Oh, man I am so very excited to know that, Blur-one of my favorite bands ever, has reunited and is playing London's Hyde Park in July 09. This is a pretty big deal since they haven't played together in eight years and I'm so sad I won't get to be there (must start buying Lotto tickets...). They are a band that has just gotten better and better over time and is continually experimenting and evolving with new sounds.

*Doesn't Graham still look so good? He's wearing the glasses-heart pounds.

I'll never forget getting a cassette (I'm so old) of Leisure for Christmas when I was 15 and being happy as pie listening to it non-stop along with a cassette of Saint Etienne's Foxbase Alpha-two of my favorite albums still. Back in the 90's when it was Blur vs Oasis I was definitely in the Blur camp and had a HUGE crush on Graham Coxon (I've always had a thing for the Brit musicians). Here's hoping they come to NY too.

My favorite song of theirs is Blue Jeans but since there isn't a video for that I'll post the video to She's So High which is what got me hooked in the fist place.


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