13 July 2009

och aye land part 3

The rest of our time in Scotland was spent in Glasgow. We went to The Lighthouse with Vikki one afternoon and checked out their current exhibit on the architecture of John Lautner. It was fantastic, filled with with models and construction documents. The drawings were all done by hand so heidi was in heaven looking everything over.

We climbed to the top of The Lighthouse to see the amazing view of the city. We got quite the workout on those stairs but it was worth it (stairs, schmairs).

This is a sign for the toilets that we thought was sooo funny.

After The Lighthouse we walked around Glasgow and had a look around. We could so live here (definite possibility-sorry mum).

Before we went to pick up Maggie for dinner Vikki took us on an impromptu tour of some Glasgow sights. Once more a lot of our photos were taken from the car since it was raining.

Makes us hungry for chips n' curry.

The famous Barrowlands where many great bands have played.

Stow College where Belle and Sebastian got their start.

Growing up in Idaho we would see horses or cows being transported on the roads, here it's sheep..baaaaaa

In most neighborhoods of Glasgow they say...

After our tour around Glasgow with Tour Guide Vikki we went out to dinner at an Italian Tapas Restaurant with Maggie, Vikki and Maddy and closed the place dooowwwwn. After dinner we went over to Maddy's flat to visit her doggies. Skeeter, Sweetums and Shannon were all in a playful mood and seemed to remember us from our time spent with them in December.

One of our last days in Glasgow was rainy and then the sun came out so while it rained we went to Habitat with Maggie and spent a long time looking everything over. Then the sun came out and we met up with Vikki and we all had lunch at a great vegetarian cafe and had a wander around. The girls took us by a great vintage shop where we picked up some vintage silk scarves. We love scarves so we really hit the jackpot there.

Heidi is really into this play's poster's scattered all over Glasgow and now we have one in our flat.

Did you know that pedestrians look like aliens in Glasgow... so beware of them OK.

This is the view from the girls flat. We loved their flat and we would love to live across the hall from them.

Our other hosts while in Glasgow were Sandy...

and Marsalis

As a final treat on our last night we tried fried Mars bars and they are heavenly!

We were sad to leave Scotland but since we knew we would be coming back in less than two weeks to go to Manchester it wasn't quite as depressing as it could have been. We are very lucky to have met Maggie and Vikki on our trip to England in 2006. This was the best trip with lots of laughter, music, and good food (yes, the Brits have a bit of a reputation for bland food but everything we had was great). We had a running joke that our trip was sponsored by Polo mints since we went through several rolls of them so, thanks Polo mints (better than water from a bucket!)

We've already got big plans for when Maggie and Vikki come to NYC at the end of August. Let the good times continue!!

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