08 July 2009

away we go

We went to the film Away We Go a week ago and my new music find is Alexi Murdoch whose music was all over the film. I had one song from an OC soundtrack but now I've got his album Time Without Consequence and it's perfect for right now since I'm in a homesick, melancholy, ennui state of mind for the last month (June was the worst month this year). He's very mellow and it's what I need right now (it's been all about sad songs or angry punk on the ipod playlist). The film was also so good and I highly recommend it-it corresponds to a lot I've been dealing with lately (minus the pregnancy!).

Here is a live video of Orange Sky which is probably my favorite and is it just me or does he totally remind you of Nick Drake too?



Jo said...

yes so nick drake. and loved the movie also. you stopped through slc at all this summer?

Allie said...

oh...Katie!!!! I love you and I loved this movie - it was so great. I know what you mean about relating with trying to find your place in world.

I'm glad you are loving Alexi I have his album also and it's GREAT!

If you are looking for a place to go you should come see ME!!!

Love you :)

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