12 July 2009

passion pit

A few weeks ago we went to see the much hyped Passion Pit play at Bowery Ballroom. We have been addicted to the ep and the album so we were very excited to see them live. Once again we hit the jackpot with great opening bands. First was Body Language from Brooklyn (whoot!). So much energy and so much fun. Their visuals were very 70's retro but perfect for the set. They just released an ep, it will have to tide us over until they release a full album. Check out their song "Sandwiches", it's our favorite. Next was Bear Hands another Brooklyn band (whoot whoot!). Completely different sound, a bit edgier and raw. They remind us of Les Savy Fav. It was a great set and they got us geared up for the main event. Check out their song "Can't Stick 'em", we love it!

When Passion Pit came out everyone was ready to dancity dance. They were excited to be there and they got the crowd movin'. The set lasted about an hour, it may have been a short set but it was certainly packed with all our favorites. Can't wait to see them again in September when they open for Pheonix, now that will be a brilliant gig!

Check out their video for "Sleppyhead". So creative and different.

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