01 August 2008

happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday to our fabbity fab Daddy-O! Since our dad was kind enough to be Katie's co-pilot on her drive across the country with our furniture we had a special treat for his birthday this year. We took him to a Yankees game at Yankee stadium! Our Dad has been a Yankee fan ever since he was a wee boy so we knew this would be something he would love. We were more excited for him to go and see his reaction than the actual game. It's the final season at the old stadium so games this season are a big deal since it's the end of an era. The game was so much fun and we all had a great time. Plus the Yankees won that day as an added bonus. We were so glad to do this for our dad after all he has done for us. He is always there to help us, he took us on fun family trips when we younger (still does really), he let us take over his pool table when we were little to play Barbies and he let us help when he built our house.

Thanks for everything Dad! Happy Birthday

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The Powells said...

i love that you took him to a game...he will always remember that!!

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