28 August 2008

tennis anyone?

We are so excited for our sister Denise to come to town this weekend. Ever since Heidi moved to NY we've all discussed going to see the US Open. This is the year we finally get to go see all the action. We bought a day pass for Sunday so we can go to multiple matches. Hmm...wonder who we'll get to see.

We have many fun activities planned for this weekend such as: visiting the NY waterfalls, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, a free ride on the Staten Island ferry, and a tour of the UN. We only have one restaurant so far planned for dinner and that is Sea in Williamsburg. We've heard that it has great Thai food (our favorite-yummy). The reviews are good and bad so we'll soon find out. Hopefully we don't run into any machete toting gangs while we are over there.

Have a fun holiday weekend!

1 comment:

The Powells said...

that is jasons dream to see the us open live...so cool!!

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