13 November 2008


This year for Halloween we went to the famous parade in the West Village. So far every year I've lived here I haven't gone but I'm glad I waited to go with Katie because it was much more fun with her than it would have been by myself.

We got there with enough time to get a good spot. Right across from the VIP section at the library. Thankfully that night wasn't as cold so we were ok sitting around waiting and waiting for the parade to start. In typical NY style the people next to us started to argue with the girls next to them. Space issues always bring out the worst in people in NY.

The best part of the parade was the begining. We really liked the ghost party. The ghosts where some of the best we've seen. Plus the wind helped make them look extra spooky.

As expected this year there were a lot of political costumes and soooo many people as the joker. We also saw a lot of girls dressed as a stove. Not sure why this costume was so popular but it was. We also saw a lot of people dressed as bananas.

The other great part of the parade was the Thriller group. There were two Michael Jackson's fighting for attention but the zombies were so brilliant! They had their dance worked out and all of their costumes were fantastic. It made us think of when we were in grade school, we would hear that song and get so scared.

Towards the end of the parade it was getting a bit boring because it was the same costumes over and over. Once we left we had the joy of trying to get to the subway along with two million other people (seriously, that's how many people went to the parade). On our way there we saw this creepy clown hanging out on a window ledge by Washington Sqaure. It wouldn't be Halloween without a creepy clown


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Dirk said...

A lot of girls dressed as Stoves? That is so wierd. I need to get to the bottom of that.

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