13 November 2008

magic is right!

Since heidi wrote about her new favorite design site I thought I'd post my new favorite subway song. Damn, this song is so good!! I haven't turned into a true New Yorker yet in that I don't get down in the subway like other people but this could be the song to make me do it-until then I just walk fast and then dance at home. I'm not savy enough to just post an MP3 so here is the youtube clip.


By the way, I saw an older man (hep cat if you will) in the subway yesterday that I could tell was itching to boogie on down and then when he couldn't hold it in anymore he shimiied and twisted and head bobbed-it was amusing.



Dirk said...

um... what and who is this?

katie and heidi said...

Magic by Ladyhawke. We knew you would love it!

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