28 August 2008

boston day three

Remember when we went to Boston for Memorial weekend? Here's what we did on our last day there. So pathetic that it's taken so long to post this and really does anyone care anymore at this point? Time goes so quickly in NY! The end of June was sick since we were diligently searching for a new flat and moving. Then came July with Katie driving across the country with Daddy-O (she's a badass truck driver now and had no problems with a16ft truck) and then getting settled and August had us on vacation and getting back to work.

On our last day in Boston we just HAD to go to the Target behind our hotel since we were in serious withdrawals not having been to one in several months. There is a Target in Park Slope, Brooklyn but it's always picked over and a mess and not fun to go to at all. Shockingly we were in and out of this Target within 20 minutes-just couldn't be bothered in the end it seems. It was then time to check out of our hotel and say goodbye to our fabulous beds and spacious room and head off to our first destination of the day The Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. In asking people what we should do in Boston this museum was brought up several times as a particular favorite so we thought we'd check it out. It's basically a museum of one woman's art collection set up to her specifications- it was nice, but not entirely our thing. It shouldn't be too surprising to many who know us that we were more interested in the story about the art theft eighteen years ago that occurred there (we love a good mystery). Sadly 13 pieces were stolen in the night and still haven't been recovered.

After the museum we decided to check out the Duck Tours of Boston that our friend Maddy told us we should do. Unfortunately we didn't think about it being so popular and it was totally booked until 5:30 PM and wouldn't finish int time for us to get our bags and catch our bus, so now we have a reason to go back to Boston. Since we now had several hours to do whatever we wanted we decided to check out Beacon Hill and then walk the Freedom Trail and see some historical landmarks and more of Boston by foot.

We found two more cemeteries while on the trail. The most famous was home to a Herbie Hancock... oh wait, make that John Hancock! Heidi did the bit from Tommy Boy and it's been a common joke all summer especially since it seems like his name is everywhere on promo posters in the subways to ads in the newspapers.

The Freedom Trail got to be very annoying near the end of the day since we were getting wound around in crazy patterns when we just wanted the quickest way to a landmark (especially Paul Revere's House). Turns out that not only is The Freedom Trail educational but also a bit of a trap for tourists to buy stuff at various places along the way (we didn't fall for that). While exploring the Freedom Trail we encountered a sign that made Heidi laugh so hard.

How can you not laugh at that sign? Turns out if you Google it a lot of other people find it amusing too.

Once we got to the bus station for our bus back to NY we ended up having to take the 7:30 bus since they overbooked the 7:00 bus and while we waited made some new French friends. It wasn't as nice a trip back as it was coming-for one we were wide awake this time and now we know why we got to Boston so fast. This driver went about 100MPH and tried to kill us before we could get back to NY-he was tailgating anything in his path and would pass anyone like we were a little car and not a charter bus. We luckily made it into NY intact it was nice to be back to what we're used to-lots of people, noise, dirty streets, smelly smells and our little room in Brooklyn.

So that's it for Boston-months later-sorry.

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