07 August 2008

we lurve redfish lake

It's that time of year...time for Redfish Lake. We have been going to Redfish every summer since we were born. It is our favorite place in the world and we never miss a summer. The fresh air, the Sawtooth mountains, the clear blue lake, driving into Stanley (pop. 100), going to the amphitheatre, Bernice our favorite forest ranger, the nature trail, going to the visitor center to watch old forest service videos including our favorite "is it a dog or a wolf?", searching for wildlife (last years most memorable sighting was the elusive beaver), our mini hikes with Denise, going to the beach to read in the shade, laughing with Denise in our tent every night, sitting around the camp fire, naps in the hammock, bike rides through all the different campgrounds around the lake, singing "You're So Vain" over and over with Denise, hiking to the the lily ponds and watching the sun set from the lodge. We look forward to it every year. Back in a week!


Anonymous said...

Yea, Can't wait to see you both, to sing and laugh and be lazy

Anonymous said...
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The Powells said...

have so much fun...you deserve a break after all the moving you have been doing. hope you girls found some good books to read there!

Darleen said...

Are you back yet?? Miss you!
Hope it was a lot of fun!!!

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