25 August 2008

work is a four letter word

We have been back for a week but have been trying to catch up with work and life. Right now our Internet is spotty since we are pirating wi-fi from our neighbors until the cable man comes. Only a week more to go! Then we will resume our regular posting. Until then please enjoy this fabbity-fab video by a brill band from London, it's...The Rakes. Gotta love 'em. This song is one of our current favorites, it's a toe tapper.


Dirk said...

Love this song... good vid too. There is a great remix of this song too. Hope Redfish was good.

katie & heidi said...

Yes we lurve the remix and listen to that more but this video is too good to not post. I am also addicted to Binary Love. OOER, soooo good.

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