28 March 2008

good friday was good to us

Last Friday was a fun day, but a long day full of activities. We both had the day off and had originally intended to go to the Museum of Natural History but since it was a holiday weekend and NYC is full of people on spring break we decided it would be full of annoying tourists so we decided to have a play day in Brooklyn instead.

Brooklyn has so much charm and history to it, we could walk around and explore for hours (actually, it's a favorite activity in any city we are in) which is essentially what we did. We went to some neighborhoods that we had never been to before like Clinton Hill, Fort Greene and Boerum Hill. These parts of Brooklyn are smallish and are all right next to each other. There are lots of great little shops and restaurants and we felt right at home in this 'hood. Too bad most of the area is too expensive for us to live in, but now we know what is there and can go visit. We will definitely need to go back and try out one of the several middle eastern restaurants we found. Serious withdrawals are in effect for Kaite after eating yummy food almost every week for a year in SLC at Mazza. Nothing will ever compare to the fabulousness that is the hummus there but we're going to try and find an adequate replacement.

Here are some pictures Heidi took on our walk.

After a long day of walking and giggling we took the G train over to Williamsburg to see Sons and Daughters at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. We had never been to this venue before since it has only been open a few months but we are now fans and will make a point of going to shows there as often as we can since the venue is very similar to the Bowery Ballroom. The only difference here was a raised area on the sides of the main floor that gave a better view of the stage. We elected to stand there so we would have a place to lean, plus if someone tall stood in front of us we would still be able to see. There is nothing worse than when a tall person walks right up and stands right in front of you and believe us it always happens!

There were two opening bands before Sons and Daughters, first was The Brunettes from New Zealand and then Bodies of Water from LA. We've both seen The Brunettes before and we were looking forward to hearing their new album live, especially "Her Hairigami Set"-such a lovely song and we never tire of it. A bit disappointed they didn't do "If You Were An Alien" as that is a current favorite too. Heather has such a sweet voice-sweet as in nice not sweet in a sufer dude way. They also have the best way of introducing the band in the name song-a la banana fanna.

We hadn't gotten into Bodies of Water even though there's buzz about them (there isn't time for everything!). The best thing about them is their rocking girl drummer! Oh so jealous as we've always wanted to learn to play drums.

For the most part we liked them but the lead girl needs to work on her stage banter a bit. She was trying to be funny and she WASN'T. Also, being the fashion girls we are, could Mr. Guitar player work on the wardrobe a bit-he looked like he'd just come from mowing lawns. Big baggy shirts and light denim are no one's friend. We get the whole "it's about the music not my clothes" thing but really-it is about your clothes too. The bass player gets it-he needs to pull his bandmate aside and give him some help. Okay, so back to their music-which was pretty good and they have an Arcade Fire quality to their sound but at the end it was getting a bit repetitious and a tad bit dull.

Sons and Daughters were brilliant and it was great to hear the new songs. They started with "Dance Me In" which is such a rocking tune it got everyone going. Adele had wee little shorts on under her top and some great gold socks. She was a golden goddess and seemed in a happy mood even though when she sings she seems so GRRR tough.

Really, they are such a great band and are truly talented. Katie was lucky enough to meet them a few years ago in SLC when they opened for Bright Eyes and chat with them in their dressing room (thanks Maddy!) where they lent her their all access pass to go see them play. Oh, those Glaswegians we love ye! There is so much greatness that comes from that city... which is why we're going in October!!

It was a long day and rolling into our flat at 2am was rough knowing we had to be at work by 8 and 9 am respectively and then going out again Saturday night to see Digitalism. Yes, it's a tough life. CHEEKY!

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