19 March 2008

happy birthday katie!

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet sister! I am so glad she moved to New York just in time for us to spend our birthday together.

Katie is my best friend and I'm so lucky to have her as a sister. She makes me laugh, she is one of the only people who understands my love of "the man" and doesn't judge me for it, she is the best travel buddy on tour. I could go on and on about how fabitty fab she is! Thanks for all that you do for me Katie, I wish I could make you a cake like this but until I do this picture is all I have to give.

photo via flicker


1 comment:

Darleen said...

Happy Birthday Katie...and Heidi. I wish I could bake you a cake just like that because it makes me happy to have you so close to me! Just like old times right? Have a glorious day!

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