17 March 2008

maddie cat

Not to be a downer but two years ago our beloved kitty, that we had for 19 years, Maddie passed away. It was seriously one of the most heartbreaking times we've ever had to go through and even though time has passed we still get a bit verklempt over losing her.

After begging our mum for a cat she finally relented and we went in search of the perfect one. At the pet store Maddie came right up to us and basically chose us and so we were meant to be together. She was the most beautiful Siamese cat with BIG blue eyes that would glow in the dark and she would talk to us all the time in her insistent throaty purr/gurgles. When we were in high school she would curl up on our shoulders when we ate breakfast and wait patiently for the leftover milk from the cereal bowl(she couldn't have it because she was lactose intolerant but that didn't stop her from trying). She loved to snuggle between us and purr when we watched movies and her favorite place to nap was in the front room in the sun all stretched out.

We called her our diva cat because she was so particular about her food but as she got older we upgraded her to dame Maddie. She was a most beloved friend and companion and we will miss her always. There will never be a more wonderful kitty than her.

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Darleen said...

She is a beauty! So sorry for your lost. Now it's take to find a new little furry friend.

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