20 March 2008

pigeons are streetwise doves

Last week we decided to go to The Pigeon Detectives show at Bowery Ballroom. Heidi had heard about them from somewhere and even though we hadn't heard more than a minute of one or two of their songs we decided to take a chance and check them out. The Bowery Ballroom is one of Heidi's favorite venues because the sound guy is famous for being the best around.

When we got there we caught the last four songs of the first opener's set-Emily the Great (bit presumptious). She was okay but could really use a band backing her up as just her and some guy on guitar for most of the songs with an occasional violinist is a bit lacking in energy in such a space. It would have worked great in a little coffee shop or something. The second band was Your Vegas and they were from Leeds originally but are now based in NYC-normally an English band would have us excited as we LURV the brit bands but you wouldn't even know these guys were from England and we were not impressed. After two or three songs it was evident they were big fans of U2 and The Killers and were into making "safe" tunes for the masses. Their sound was very... produced. Almost like they weren't really playing their instruments at all and it was them miming to a recording. We also thought they sounded like they could be on the soundtrack to a classic 80's film with Michael J. Fox called The Secret Of My Success. I'm sure they'll do well in the US as the general public dig this kind of crap music.

I had high hopes for The Pigeon Detectives (from Leeds and definitely more our kind of band than the previous Leeds boys) since the night was so far a bit of a disappointment and thankfully they were brilliant!

They are an energetic bunch and the lead singer (looks a bit like a young Rod Stewart) is especially fun to watch. He loves to pour water over his head and shake it out over the crowd and then throw the rest of his water bottle out over everyone. He must have gone through 12 bottles of water during their whole set and it was a bit "Flashdance" at times but we had a giggle over it.

The guy can also really work a mic! He would fling his mic and chord out about 10 feet and whip it back and catch it like it was the most natural thing and so easy to do. He must practice a lot because not once did that mic hit anyone or drop to the floor. At one point while we waited for the guitarist to fix his guitar Mr. Lead Singer pulled a guy up on stage to tell a "joke" (which was lame and he was quickly taken away for being LAME).

You wouldn't have known we didn't know any of their songs as we were hopping up and down and clapping like fiends the whole time-especially to "I'm Not Sorry" which was the final song of the night and had us pogoing like mad. Being up since 5 am that morning it's amazing where I got the energy, but good music can give me a bit of an adrenaline rush. Pigeon Detectives saved the night!


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