21 March 2008

lights and magic

While walking to the subway after Pigeon Detectives I saw a great door that I just had to have a picture of. I'm trying to get more into the habit of taking pictures of things I like for inspiration and whatnot.

After Cut Copy's gig in Greenpoint we found the coolest lights ever outside a police station (no we weren't arrested-arrested for dancing nonstop!) and went crazy for them. Such an amazing shade of emerald green and lovely in the pitch dark night at 2 am.

Is it weird that we go nuts for doors and lights? No way! You've got to find beauty in the "mundane".



Dirk said...

Love my blog link name...funny. you know I love these photogs. Sucker for a building and good lighting.

Darleen said...

I think I've seen those lights before...or maybe it's just deja vu. Anyway, love all the lighting and architecture in the city.

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