20 March 2008

hey, i've seen him before!

The other day I was on my way to a clients house and saw a man on a bike who was riding east into the traffic heading west. He was on the verge of getting run over by all the traffic. As the car I was in got closer I caught a better look at the man on the bike and it was this guy.

I have seen Terry Richardson once before on Spring Street when I came up from the subway on my way to work. I love that I see him doing everyday things like riding a bike or getting coffee as compared to his photography when people are definitely not always doing everyday things.


Dirk said...

Um, Terry. That's Rad! Not that I think he is genious or anything. But he is def a generational photog icon.

Darleen said...

Where is that picture of him taken? It looks like my side of the street--not yours.

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