20 April 2008

30 helens agree

When we were in high school one of our favorite shows was Kids in the Hall. We are often quoting lines from this show-usually to each other since most people haven't a clue what we're talking about. Some of our favorites being "the eradicator!", "man-servant Hecubis", "is Tony thinking of me?" and "30 Helens agree" One of the best sketches ever was the head crusher in re-hab.

Much to our surprise and glee they have gotten back together and are touring the country with a stop in NY. Yeah! Last night was the final NY show. We were very excited to see them live since we have so many fond memories of the show and start to laugh just thinking about it. The night started out with a video with the Kids discussing what their fans would want to see from them. They said that their fans would want something to take their minds of their student loans and the crushing debt they are under. So true! Buddy Cole a favorite character from the show made an appearance as well as Kathie and Cathy these crazy secretaries that always have man trouble. A special appearance was also made by the chicken lady character and Gavin this boy who rambles on about things that may or may not have happened. The final sketch of the night was a special appearance by the head crusher. Our sides still hurt from laughing so much.

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Darleen said...

I know I've heard of the show, but I don't think I actually watched when growing up. But that clip was hilarious!!

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