28 April 2008

the glamorous life

Last night I went to a fancy dinner party at Asia de Cuba. It was a celebration for the great business my store (work at- not own) had at Christmas and this last weekend was phenomenal too so Glen Senk (CEO of Urban Outfitters) and Wendy Brown (Director of stores) wanted to treat us to a special evening. They were so lovely and even though I didn't really want to go, since I'm getting sick, I'm so glad I did. If you go to the link for the restaurant there is a picture of a long table with a photo of a waterfall at the end and we filled up that entire table (I was at the end by the waterfall picture). I've seen/met Glen and Wendy before but this time they came and talked to everyone which is so impressive, this is why I love working for Anthropologie. They genuinely care and love to know the employees, it's refreshing because all too often the big "important" people won't even acknowledge you. Glen sincerely wanted to know about everyone and we talked for about ten minutes about my move etc. then Wendy came over and had dessert with our end of the table. She was talking about the beginning of the company and I found out amazingly that a long time ago Urban employees would smoke as they worked in the stores. How funny to have someone smoking while they ring up your purchase. Glen came up to me as he was leaving and patted me on the back and gave me a big welcome to NY.

It was a great night and as I walked to the C train I got to enjoy mostly empty sidewalks and really enjoy being in NY without a bunch of people surrounding me.


**totally off topic but while I was reading in Bryant Park Saturday afternoon I got hit on by TWO "homeless" guys. Lucky me.


The Powells said...

that is so great that glen and wendy did that...they are 2 cool people!! hey, i saw your man last night on craig furgeson and thought about you 2 girls!! also, did you hear that megan is pregnant?? her last day is may 15 (I think) and she is moving to st.george -- lots of changes

Darleen said...

That sounds like such a fun night! So did glen and wendy start Anthropologie? They seem really cool. And that table is SUPER long.

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