18 April 2008

smokin' hot

Last Tuesday night we saw Hot Chip and Matthew Dear at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. This show was added after the April 12th show at Terminal 5 sold out. Of course we would rather see the Hot Chip boys in a smaller venue since they are so fun live. Our friend Emily came with us and we had so much fun! Hot Chip live is an experience to be had, you just can't help but dance the whole time. New Yorkers get a bad wrap for being "too cool for school" at gigs and never dancing. The last few shows we have been to are just the opposite, maybe people are starting to lighten up a bit.

We were a little bit familiar with Matthew Dear since we had heard that just a few days before he had his hard drive stolen out from under him at a gig. We were very impressed with him, his voice is deep and rich and the way he danced and clapped was fun to watch. The first thing we really noticed about Mr. Dear was how tight his jeans were. They were so tight you could see the outline of his front pockets. Impressive that he could dance in them. We could see the boys from Hot Chip watching from the back and then they came out and joined Matthew on his song "Don & Sherri". Even though Matthew was the opener people were already dancing, this does not happen often, usually people are saving their energy for the main event. It was a sign that the night was going to get better and better.

Hot Chip played songs from their new album but they also played all the old favorites. "Over and Over" and "No Fit State" had the crowds going crazy. We danced like there was no tomorrow. Definitely one of the best shows we have been to of theirs. As always there is at least one twat in the crowd that is acting the total fool. Thankfully this time they were not by us.

Love that they can play multiple instruments and switch it up throughout the show. It just shows that they are all talented musicians. We were all so tired after the show but it was so worth it because we had so much fun. Check out Hot Chip if you can, you will not be sorry!

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