01 April 2008

dance fever

Last Saturday we went to see Digitalism at Webster Hall. We had heard good things about them and were familiar with one song so we went to check them out for ourselves. Webster Hall's sound is better from the balcony so we made sure to get there earlyish and claim our spot, plus the view is better--as in no tall people in front of us equaling no view at all.

The opening DJ was OK for about two songs and then after that it became repetitive and boring. It turned into the same thumping beat for 30 minutes. We took that time to people watch, which in NY is always fun since there are so many interesting people here.

Once Digitalism came on the entire mood of the venue shifted into full dance mode. The whole show was great and their sound was incredible. We were next to a guy who looked like Elvis Costello and he was hilarious to watch dance. He would run around behind where we were standing and then stand with his back against the wall and shake his bottom back and forth. Then he would call out to whoever was listening " you are.....my friend". He was German so maybe that explains it a bit? The encore turned into madness as people climbed on stage to dance. The flood gates opened and before security knew what hit them there were so many people on stage there almost wasn't any room the equipment. A fun evening indeed!


Darleen said...

sounds like fun! I love listening to good music.

Dirk said...


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